What should I expect?

Church What to Expect.001


You will find a real mixture of people, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Our format is very simple – we sing and pray together, a time especially for the kids, and there is a short Bible talk (which usually lasts about 20 minutes). After that, we have time to chat over a cup of tea or coffee. We don’t assume that everyone knows what to do, so don’t worry about that – you can relax and we’ll walk you through it. The whole meeting lasts about an hour.


What should I wear?

We’re more interested in helping you face the real issues of life,  so we’re not that concerned with what you wear. Just dress how you feel comfortable, and you’ll fit right in!


What’s available for my kids?

We try to make the whole family feel included in what we do. Kids are part of that family, so we don’t expect them to be silent – we want them to feel part of things.  Most weeks the kids will have their own times together- hearing from the bible, playing games and doing craft.  Sometimes the kids stay in with the adults for their own talk, after which during the 20min bible talk for adults, they are either free to listen, or we can give them a kids pack with colouring-in, word games etc, to keep them occupied.


Who else will be there?

Our group is like a family, open to all people, regardless of their background or life circumstances, and regardless of where they are at in their spiritual journey. This is a great place to meet a very diverse group of people and become part of a supportive community.


What will I hear?

Creative and relevant bible teaching is at the heart of all that we do. Generally we work through books of the bible, seeking to understand how they apply to our life. At the moment we are making our way through 2 Corinthians and thinking on how the Christian message doesn’t ask us to deny our weakness, but says that it is in our very weakness that God shows himself strong.